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“You mean focus on yourself and all of your problems? What’s that going to do? You said you want to finish medical school. Take a look at your goals, man. How does sitting around your apartment focusing on your problems help you meet any of your goals? We will work through your problems, but you are not your problems; you are so much more. We will be spending a lot of time in therapy focusing on your strengths and abilities.”


“You get what you settle for; if you don’t want “just sex”, don’t settle for “just sex.” Of course it will be lonely, but not nearly as lonely as settling over and over for what you don’t want.”

"Yep, I am gay and I tried to kill myself. I will now take your questions and then we are going to get back to this Thanksgiving dinner my mom has worked so hard on.”

"Raul’s journey was painful at times, but he had persevered and became his authentic self and the best version of himself, better than he could have ever envisioned. He had made peace with himself and learned to love himself. He realized how living an authentic life enriched all those around him. His life so far had turned out better than he could have ever imagined."

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